Bruce Dammeier

Pierce County Executive

“I wholeheartedly support LJ Rohrer for Pierce County Council.  Her experience and deep understanding of policy and budgets means she’ll be ready on day one. LJ’s dedication and vision will greatly benefit our community’s growth and well-being. I am confident she will make a significant positive impact for Pierce County.”

Kelly Chambers

Representative, 25th District

“As a State Representative and candidate for County Executive, I’ve had the pleasure of working with LJ Rohrer and can attest to her dedication to addressing the rising living costs and housing crisis in Pierce County. LJ is committed to making our community more affordable for all residents. Her proactive approach and innovative solutions are exactly what we need to tackle these pressing issues. I fully support LJ for Pierce County Council and believe if we are both elected, together we will make a significant positive impact on our community’s future.”

Paul Herrera

Pierce County Councilmember, District 2

“As the recent State Commander for the Veterans of Foreign Wars and a former Veteran of the Year for Washington, I understand the importance of strong leadership in this position. I fully support LJ Rohrer for Pierce County Council because she will make veterans and active military personnel services around JBLM a priority. LJ’s dedication and commitment to our servicemen and women are unwavering. Her leadership will ensure that our veterans and their families receive the support and respect they deserve.”

Paul Pastor

Former Pierce County Sheriff

“I have known LJ Rohrer for many years. I have been impressed by her efforts to make Pierce County government effective and responsive. Her approaches to essential issues of public safety, pubic order and individual responsibility are similar to my own. This is why I choose to endorse her candidacy and look forward to having her represent myself and my family on the Pierce County Council.. As former Pierce County Sheriff, I fully support LJ Rohrer for Pierce County Council due to her strong stance on public safety. She understands that public safety is vital and is committed to supporting our law enforcement with better staffing and community policing initiatives. LJ’s proactive approach is exactly what we need to tackle rising crime in our community. Her dedication to ensuring a safer environment for all residents makes her the ideal choice for Pierce County Council.”

Rob McKenna

Former Attorney General

“As a former Attorney General deeply committed to the rule of law and our community’s safety, I’m proud to support LJ Rohrer for Pierce County Council. LJ’s dedication to public service, her integrity, and her strong leadership skills make her an ideal candidate for this important role. I know LJ will work tirelessly for all County residents while upholding the values and public policies that make our community safer. Don’t let Pierce County continue down the wrong path. Join me in supporting LJ Rohrer for County Council”

Jason Whalen

Mayor of Lakewood

“I am supporting LJ Rohrer to be our next County Councilmember. As the second largest city in Pierce County, Lakewood continues to address the many challenges impacting homelessness, including drug addiction, mental health needs, and sufficient, supportive housing. LJ is committed to addressing the root causes and finding real solutions to help our unhoused get back on their feet. Her dedication and proactive approach to developing regional solutions will be invaluable in tackling these critical issues for our community.
I can’t say enough about LJ Rohrer. Lakewood faces significant challenges with crime, drug addiction, and the mental health crisis fueling our homeless problems. LJ is committed to addressing these root causes and finding real solutions to help people get back on their feet. Her dedication and proactive approach will be invaluable in tackling these critical issues for our community.”

Dick Muri

Mayor of Steilacoom

“As Mayor of Steilacoom, I have been thoroughly impressed with LJ Rohrer’s ability to bring people together. Her strong leadership skills are evident in every project she undertakes. LJ’s collaborative approach and dedication to our community make her an outstanding candidate for Pierce County Council. I fully support her and believe she will be an exceptional leader for Pierce County.”

Sam Scott

Steilacoom Historical School District Board Chair

“LJ is the clear choice for Pierce County Council. I have worked with her for nearly 5 years on the SHSD#1 school board, and her ability to solve problems is second to none. She will positively impact not only the residents in the 6th district, but residents across Pierce County.”

Mike Winkler

Dupont Deputy Mayor

“It is an honor to endorse LJ Rohrer for the Pierce County Council Position #6. As a former school board member and current Deputy Mayor for the City of DuPont, I have had the opportunity to know and work with LJ on many issues important to our communities. Her experience working with elected officials and as a current member of the SHSD #1 School Board shows her ability to work closely with everyone. LJ’s passion for our communities, her commitment to our schools, and to public safety makes her ideal to represent us on the Pierce County Council. Please join me in supporting LJ Rohrer for this important position.”

Patrick Lewis

Steilacoom Historical School District Board Director & Business Owner

“LJ is the clear choice to represent the 6th District on the Pierce County Council. She has lived and served in this community for 44 years, and we need strong leadership and experience. LJ’s dedication and commitment to our schools have made a significant positive impact. As a business operator in Pierce County, there is no one I trust more than LJ to represent me, my family, and my business. I am confident she will bring the same level of excellence and care to the Pierce County Council.”

Doug Richardson

Pierce County Council Chair

“I can think of no better person to represent District 6 on the County Council than LJ Rohrer who assisted me in moving Pierce County forward. Her opponent and others on the Council have eroded much of the progress we made. LJ will be accountable while serving the needs of our families, veterans, seniors, and small businesses. I wholeheartedly support her candidacy and believe she will restore and advance our community’s well-being.” 


Elected Officials

Bruce Dammeier, Pierce County Executive
Paul Herrera, Pierce County Councilmember, District 2
Dave Morrell, Pierce County Councilmember, District 1
Amy Cruver, Pierce County Councilmember, District 3
Doug Richardson, Former Pierce County Chair & Councilmember (District 6), Former Lakewood Mayor
Paul Pastor, Former Pierce County Sheriff
Dick Muri, Mayor of Steilacoom and Former Pierce County (District 6) Councilmember
Jim McCune, State Senator (2nd District) and Former Pierce County Councilmember, District 3
Joyce McDonald, Former Pierce County Councilmember
Jan Shabro, Former Pierce Council Councilmember & Former Pierce County Auditor
Shawn Bunney, Former Pierce County Councilmember
Joe Stortini,Former Pierce County Executive Joe
Rep. Mike Steele, Asst. House Min. Leader, 12th District
Rep. Skyler Rude, 16th District
Rep. Kelly Chambers , 25th District
Rep. Cyndy Jacobsen , 25th District
Sen. Chris Gildon, 25th District
Rep. Michelle Caldier, 26th District
Rep. Spencer Hutchins, 26th District
Rep. Andrew Barkis, 2nd District
Rob McKenna, Former Attorney General of Washington State
Steve O’Ban, Former State Senator, 28th District
Jason Whalen, Mayor of Lakewood
Don Anderson, Former Mayor and Councilmember of Lakewood
Ryan Pearson, Lakewood City Councilmember
Walter Neary, Former Lakewood City Councilmember
Michael Winkler, DuPont Deputy Mayor
Kevin Ballard. DuPont City Councilmember
Tom Wargo, DuPont City Councilmember
Penny Coffey, Former DuPont Deputy Mayor and Former City Councilmember
Leo Gruba, Former DuPont City Councilmember
Nancy Henderson, Steilacoom Town Councilmember
Mike Johnson, Steilacoom Town Councilmember
Pete Franklin, Steilacoom Town Councilmember
Fred Crumley, Former Steilacoom Councilmember
Javier Figueroa, University Place Mayor
Melanie Grassi, University Place Councilmember
Kent Keel, Former University Place City Councilmember
Stan Flemming, University Place Councilmember
Caroline Bellecci, Former University Place Councilmember
Joe DePinto, Mayor of Yelm
Jim Andrews, Fircrest City Councilmember, Former PCSD
Alyssa Pearson, President of CPSD School Board, Director
Sam Scott, Chair of SHSD School Board Chair, Director
David Anderson, CPSD School Board Director
Melanie Tinsley, SHSD School Board Vice Chair
Patrick Lewis, SHSD School Board Director & Business Owner
Jason Pierce, Former SHSD School Board Director
Don Denning, Former SHSD School Board Director
Duane Hardesty, Former SHSD School Board Director
Lenore Rogers, Former SHSD School Board Director
Natalie Wimberly, Chair of Peninsula School Board, Director
David Olson, Vice Chair of Peninsula School Board, Director
Nate Nehring, Snohomish County Councilmember
Reagan Dunn, King County County Councilmember

Community Leaders

Ron Schaub, Fircrest Police Chief & fmr Steilacoom Police Chief
Rob Masko, Former PCSD Undersheriff
Jim Heishman, Former Chief PCSD
John Cheeseman, Former Fircrest Police Chief
Mike Blair, Former PCSD Chief
Mike Zaro, Former Lakewood Chief
Jan Lucas, 2023 Steilacoom Citizen of Year
Amy Shick, 2023 JBLM Military Spouse of the Year
Jim Bixler, Anderson Island First Responder (Fire)
Jim Cook, Anderson Island Veteran, Former AICAB Chair
Joe Howells, Former AICAB Chair
Gabe Sachwitz, AICAB board member & VP of Riviera Community
Dave Albertson, Anderson Island Fire Commissioner, Former AICAB Chair
Corey Feldon, Anderson Island Business Owner
Gary Smith, Anderson Island Community
Dave McGoldrick, Anderson Island Community
Jeff Gillette, Youth Director, Anderson Island
Maia Espinoza, Advocate for Latino Leadership
Myung Park, Board Chair of Korean Woman’s Association (KWA)
Susanna Keilman, Asia Pacific Cultural Center board member
Jan Gee, Lakewood Community
Skip Smith, Lakewood Community
Ria Jumawan-Johnson Covington, Lakewood Community Advocate
John Korsmo, Lakewood Business Owner
Michael Lewis, Lakewood Business
Linda Smith, Lakewood Business Advocate
David & Kelly Pritchard, Lakewood Community
Eddie Johnson, Lakewood, Dupont, Steilacoom Ministry Leader
Charles Carlson, Parkland Community Advocate
Marcus Rogers, Steilacoom’s Summer Concerts
Aleida & David Booker, Steilacoom Business Owners
Joan Shalikashvili, Steilacoom Community Leader
John Brammer, Arrowhead leader
Marianna Heck, DuPont American Legion Auxiliary
Susie Williams, Lakewood Realtor

Organization Endorsements

Pierce County Deputy Sheriff’s Guild
Pierce County Republican Party
Pierce County Affordable Housing Council