Elected Officials

Bruce Dammeier, Pierce County Executive
Paul Herrera, Pierce County Councilmember, District 2
Dave Morrell, Pierce County Councilmember, District 1
Amy Cruver, Pierce County Councilmember, District 3
Doug Richardson, Former Pierce County Chair & Councilmember (District 6), Former Lakewood Mayor
Dick Muri, Mayor of Steilacoom and Former Pierce County (District 6) Councilmember
Jim McCune, State Senator (2nd District) and Former Pierce County Councilmember, District 3
Joyce McDonald, Former Pierce County Councilmember
Jan Shabro, Former Pierce Council Councilmember & Former Pierce County Auditor
Shawn Bunney, Former Pierce County Councilmember
Rep. Mike Steele, Asst. House Min. Leader, 12th District
Rep. Skyler Rude, 16th District
Rep. Kelly Chambers , 25th District
Rep. Cyndy Jacobsen , 25th District
Sen. Chris Gildon, 25th District
Rep. Michelle Caldier, 26th District
Rep. Spencer Hutchins, 26th District
Jason Whalen, Mayor of Lakewood
Don Anderson, Former Mayor and Councilmember of Lakewood
Ryan Pearson, Lakewood City Councilmember
Walter Neary, Former Lakewood City Councilmember
Michael Winkler, DuPont Deputy Mayor
Kevin Ballard. DuPont City Councilmember
Tom Wargo, DuPont City Councilmember
Penny Coffey, Former DuPont City Councilmember
Nancy Henderson, Steilacoom Town Councilmember
Mike Johnson, Steilacoom Town Councilmember
Pete Franklin, Steilacoom Town Councilmember
Melanie Grassi, Univ. Place Councilmember
Kent Keel, Former Univ. Place City Councilmember
Joe DePinto, Mayor of Yelm
Nate Nehring, Snohomish County Councilmember
Jim Andrews, Fircrest City Councilmember, Former PCSD
Alyssa Pearson, President of CPSD School Board, Director
Sam Scott, Chair of SHSD School Board Chair, Director
David Anderson, CPSD School Board Director
Paul Wagemann, Former CPCD School Board Director
Melanie Tinsley, SHSD School Board Vice Chair
Patrick Lewis, SHSD School Board Director & Business Owner
Jason Pierce, Former SHSD School Board Director
Don Denning, Former SHSD School Board Director
Duane Hardesty, Former SHSD School Board Director
Lenore Rogers, Former SHSD School Board Director
Natalie Wimberly, Chair of Peninsula School Board, Director
David Olson, Vice Chair of Peninsula School Board, Director

Community Leaders

Ron Schaub, Fircrest Police Chief & fmr Steilacoom Police Chief
Rob Masko, Former PCSD Undersheriff
Jim Heishman, Former Chief PCSD
John Cheeseman, Former Fircrest Police Chief
Mike Blair, Former PCSD Chief
Jan Lucas, 2023 Citizen of Year
Amy Shick- JBLM Military spouse of the year
Jim Cook, Anderson Island Veteran, Former AICAB Chair
Joe Howells, Former AICAB Chair
Gabe Schwitz, AICAB board member & VP of Riviera Community
Dave Anderson, Anderson Island Fire Commissioner, Former AICAB Chair
Gary Smith, Anderson Island Community
Dave McGoldrick, Anderson Island Community
Jeff Gillette, Young Life Director, Anderson Island
Maia Espinoza, Washington Policy Center, Director of Center for Latino Leadership
Susanna Keilman, Asia Pacific Cultural Center board member
Jan Gee, Lakewood Community
Skip Smith, Lakewood Community
John Korsmo, Lakewood Business Owner
Michael Lewis, Lakewood Business
Linda Smith, Lakewood Business Advocate
Eddie Johnson, Youth Ministry Leader
Marcus Rogers, Steilacoom’s Summer Concerts
John Brammer, Arrowhead leader
Marianna Heck, DuPont American Legion Auxiliary
Susie Williams, Lakewood Realtor

Campaign Donations

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