Loujanna ”LJ” Rohrer for Pierce County Council
Loujanna (LJ) Rohrer is a dedicated candidate running for Pierce County Council, District 6. With 44 years as a resident of Pierce County and a decade of policy experience and public service, LJ is committed to serving the community with integrity. She is a proven leader with a track record of bringing people together and solving problems …

Loujanna “LJ” Rohrer has lived in Pierce County for over 44 years, all the while raising her family and serving her community. She is a twice elected School Board Director in the Steilacoom Historical School District (SHSD), and her continual commitment to academic excellence helped SHSD win numerous awards and state accomplishments. Currently, LJ works as a senior legislative assistant for the Washington State House of Representatives, focusing on the policies and issues that matter most to her constituents. Her extensive experience in government includes Council Assistant for the Pierce County Council Chairman representing the 6th District, where she focused on building community and establishing good policy for Lakewood, Steilacoom, DuPont, JBLM, Anderson/Ketron/McNeil islands, as well as unincorporated Parkland, Arrowhead and Partridge Glen. Everywhere she has served, LJ has provided strong leadership and advocacy to everyone she meets.

LJ’s multi-racial family reflects the diversity of the 6th District. She is the daughter of the late Amman and Kazuko Williams. Her mother immigrated to the U.S. upon marrying a young military soldier. Amman was honored with a Bronze Star Medal and retired after 27 years in the US Army. LJ graduated from Steilacoom High School and went on to earn degrees at both Pierce College and Western Washington University in Bellingham. After Bellingham, she returned to Pierce County where she met her husband, Jeff. They have now been married for over 28 years and have raised four children in Steilacoom: Isabelle, Emmy, Luke, and Raquel. LJ and her family have also opened their home to deeply vulnerable communities, including more than a dozen foster youth. Raising a family in today’s world is both the most challenging and most rewarding joy in LJ’s life.

As her family grew over the years, LJ initiated the highly successful WyldLife (Young Life) program at Pioneer Middle School, which has served thousands of local youth. Today, she actively serves in leadership roles in Steilacoom Kiwanis and the Steilacoom Historical Museum Association, along with countless volunteer hours at local events, such as Wear Blue: Run to Remember and National Night Out. LJ’s proven leadership and 44 years of living in Pierce County have prepared her to now be a strong voice on the Pierce County Council.

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